Adolf von Henselt

Adolf von Henselt was born in Schwabach, Bavaria, May 12, 1814.

He was a pupil first of Lasser and then of Leihter in Vienna. Afterward, through the generosity of Kind Ludwug I., he was enabled to study in Weimar under Hummel. In 1838 he went to St. Petersbug, where he was appointed chamber pianist to the Empress of Russia and also to the Prince von Oldenburg. Later he was the official inspector of musical instruction in all the governmental educational institutions for girls. On account of his extreme nervousness and shyness, he rarely played in public. Indeed, Henselt is perhaps the only pianist of the first rank who never toured extensively. His works include valuable transcriptions of Beethoven and Weber, a concerto, a pianoforte trio, and numerous other beautiful pianoforte pieces.

Hi died in Warmbrunn, Silesia, October 10, 1889.