Alexander Scriabine

Alexander_ScriabineScriabine was born at Moscow, Russia, January 10, 1872, and began life as a soldier.

He entered the Cadet Corps, but found a military life was not to his liking, so he entered the Conservatorium, where he studied the piano under Safonoff, gaining a gold medal in 1892.

After his success in Russia he went on tour, visiting Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam. His piano playing was well received and his compositions also  enhanced his reputation abroad, and on his return home he became  professor of the piano at the Conservatorium, Moscow. He retained this post from 1898 until 1903.

He toured America with success a few years ago.

Scriabine is regarded as one of the foremost of the younger school of Russian composers, and there are many people who believe that we must look to Russia for the next great composer.

He has composed very largely in the smaller forms, and seems, like Chopin, to prefer to express himself by means of preludes, nocturnes, etc. His Opus 9, Nos. 1 and 2, a prelude and nocturne for the left hand, are being played by many of the foremost virtuosos, and are remarkable examples of this “single handed” kind of music.

He has also composed two symphonies, a Reverie and a Piano Concerto for the orchestra, and for the piano has written three sonatas, an Allegro appossionato, a Concert Allegro, a Fantasia and other smaller works.