Anna Lucia de Amicis

Anna Lucia de Amicis was a celebrated Italian singer, who won success both in comic and serious Opera.

She was the possessor of a very sweet voice and a polish manner of singing.

She was born at Naples, about 1740, winning her first laurels in comic opera.

She sang in London in 1763 and was so highly esteemed by Johan Christian Bach that he wrote serious Opera for her, to which she was afterward devoted.

She retired from the stage in 1771 and married Buonsollazzi, a secretary of the King of Naples, but made three appearances in public.

In 1773, she sang at Milan, in one of Mozart’s early operas, Lucio Silla, taking the part of Giunia.

The year of her death is unknown. She saying, and still saying well in 1789.