Annibale Pio Detto Balino Fabri

He was one of the most excellent tenors of the 18th century and was born at Bologna in 1697. Enducated musically by the famous Pistocchi, he became the favourite of the Emperor Charles VI., and other Princes sought to engage him in their service.

He was also a composer, and member of the Accademia Filarmonica fo Bologna; received into that society in 1719, he was named its Principe, or president, in 1725, 1729, 1745, 1747, and 1750.

In 1729 he came to England and sang, with Bernacchi, his fellow pupil under Pistocchi, in Handel’s ‘tolemeo’, taking the part of Araspe, formerly sung by Boschi. As the latter was a bass, the part was probably transposed for Fabri for want of a bass to sing it.

In the same year he performed the tenor part in ‘Lotario’, as also in ‘Partenope’ (1730), and in ‘Poro’ and a reprise of ‘Rinaldo’ (1731), all by the same master.

Having been appointed to the Royal Chapel at Lisbon a few years later, he died there August 12, 1760.