Antonio Maria Abbatini

Antonio Maria Abbatini was born at Tiferno about 1605, and died there 1677. He was successively maestro di cappella at the Lateran, the Church of the Gesu, an dSan Lorenzo in Damaso, and three times held the like office at Maria Maggiore; was also, for a time, maestro at the church of Loreto.

He was offered by Pope Urban VIII, the task of rewriting the Hymnal; but refused to supersede the music of Palestrina by any of his own. His published works consist of four books of Psalms and three books of Masses; ‘Il Pianto di Rodomonte, consistin gof nine songs and a madrigal (Orvieto, 1633); some Antifone for twenty-four voices (Mascardi, Rome, 1630-38, an d1677), and five books of Motetti (Grignani, Rome, 1635).

He also wrote two operas, Dal male il bene (Rome 1654) an dIone (Vienna, 1666).

The greater part of his productions remain unprinted. Some acidemical lectures by him, of much note in their time, mentioned by Padre Martini, do not seem to have been preserved.

He assisted Kircher in his Musurgia.