Berthold Tours

Berthold ToursBerthold Tours was born December 17, 1838, at Rotterdam, and died in London, March 11, 1897.

He father was an organist of some note and gave him his first instruction, which was afterwards supplemented by study with Verhulst.

He afterwards studied at the conservatories of Leipzig and Brussels, and went for two years with Prince George Galitzen to Russia.

He went to London in 1861, and occupied himself in writing, teaching and playing the violin in various good orchestras.

He became musical adviser to the well-known music publishing firm of Novello, Ewer & Co., in 1878. This resulted in his making arrangements from many important orchestral scores such as Mendelssohn’s Elijah, Gounod’s Redemption and Beethoven’s Mass in C.

He also wrote a Primer for the Violin.

Berthold Tours is best known, however, by his admirable songs, hymn tunes and services for the Episcopal Church. Among these may be mentioned:

  • Service in F, the Easter Anthem
  • God Hath Appointed a Day
  • Pillars of the Earth are the Lord’s

His most popular songs:

  • Because of Thee
  • The New Kingdom
  • Far From My Heavenly Home
  • The Gate of Heaven

He also wrote piano pieces which have found a place in the repertoire of many piano students.

Berthold Tours was a musician whose ripe scholarship found a favorable channel in his work as music editor.