Thomas Julian Adams

Born: January 28, 1825 in London

Died: May 7, 1887 in Eastbourne, Sussex as reported in the Guardian Newspaper in 1887.

Teachers: Mosocheles, Henri C. Litolff

Profession: Composer, Conductor, Teacher (England), Orchestra owner

Positions: Conductor of his own orchestras, Devonshire Park concerts, Senate of Trinity College in London.

Works: “Method for the patent harmonium” (1855), composed fantasias, studies, marches, and concert pieces

Travels: 1849 Scotland, 1870 Buxton, 1879 Eastbourne

Notes: There was a Sequestration filed in 1852 and was reported in the Gazette London as well as in The Juror.

He was an excellent pianist and orchestral conductor. (Book: Musical Scotland, published 1894, pg. 10,)