Mrs. H. H. A. Beach (Amy Marcy Cheney)

Mrs. H. H. A. Beach (Amy Marcy Cheney)Mrs. Beach (Amy Cheney) was born at Henniker, New Hampshire, September 5, 1847, and, like most musicians of distinction, showed her musical proclivities at an early age.

She studied first with her mother, and later with Ernst Perabo and Carl Baermann.

She took harmony lessons with Junius Hill for a time, but owes most of her knowledge of musical theory to her own endeavors.

Mrs. Beach made her first profession appearance as a pianist of Boston, 1883.

She gave several recitals after this, and also appeared with the Boston Symphony and the Thomas Orchestras.

Her marriage in 1885 closed her professional careers so far as concert work was concerned, though she occasionally appeared in public afterwards.

She had done very little in the way of composition up to the time of her marriage only two of her songs having appeared.

Later Mrs. Beach was known better to the general public as a composer than as a concert pianist.

Her numerous works include a Gaelic symphony, a concerto for pianoforte and orchestra, a mass in A flat, The Minstrel and the King, for male voices and orchestra, and a Festival Jubliate for mixed voices and chorus, composed for the Chicago Exposition, 1893.

Besides these works Mrs. Beach wrote several songs, most of which, such as The Year’s at the Spring, are as popular as they deserved to be, which is saying a great deal.

Mrs. H. H. A. Beach (Amy March Cheney) died January 27, 1944, in New York City, New York.