Clarence Eddy

Clarence EddyClarence Eddy was born at Greenfield, Massachusetts, June 23, 1851.

He received some musical instruction in his native town until he was sixteen, when he became a pupil of Dudley Buck at Hartford, Connecticut.

Within a year he was appointed organist at a church in Montpelier, Vermont.

In 1871 Eddy went to Berlin where he made rapid progress under Haupt and Loeschhorn.

After two and a half years study he made a successful concert tour through Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Holland.

He returned to America in 1874 and was appointed organist of the First Congregational Church, Chicago.

He became head of the Hershey School of Musical Art in 1876, and brought the institution to a high pitch of perfection in training singers and organists.

He gave one hundred unique weekly recitals on the school organ, and several famous composers wrote pieces for the hundredth concert in 1879.

From 1908 to 1910, Eddy was organist at Tompkins Avenue Church, Brooklyn, and he has filled various important posts as conductor, etc.

Eddy’s compositions included preludes, canons and fugues, and many excellent arrangements and transcriptions for the organ.

He also translated and published Haupt’s work on counterpoint.

He toured Europe with great success in 1897-98, and has a reputation in America as an organ recitalist who is second to none.

He died January 10, 1937.