Georg Eggeling

Georg EggelingGeorg Eggeling was born in Braunschweig, December 24, 1866.

His father ws the Ducal Chamber Musician and the boy’s education was of the best.

He lost his parents when he was young, and after a good training in the excellent German public schools, he entered the Musical Seminary of Prof. Emil Breslauer, in Berlin.

He studied piano, violin and musical theory under several noted teachers, including Kalischer, Wolf, Breslauer and Frank.

For a time Herr Eggeling taught in Breslauer’s Seminary.

Since the death of the director, however, he has been engaged in private teaching in Berlin.

He has written some excellent pianoforte studies and pieces, choral works, songs, and also a musical dictionary (published in the German language).

His compositions for the piano follow the idiom of the instrument very closely, and this makes them especially desirable for students in many of the earlier grades.

Among his best known pieces are “Spanish Dance,” Op. 159; “To Springtime,” Op. 149; “Congratulations,” Op. 155.

His piano studies are also very successful, one of the best books being “Interpretation and Mechanism.” Op. 175.