Mischa Elman

Mischa ElmanMischa Elman was born at Talnoi, Russian, January 21, 1891.

He studied at the Royal Music School in Odessa under Fiedelman, first appearing in public in 1899.

Professor Leopold Auer was a member of the audience, and at his suggestion Elman went eventually to St. Petersburg in 1901.

He came under the personal supervision of Auer and made immediate progress.

Elman’s debut was made in Berlin, 1904, and his success was immediate, bringing many engagements all over Germany.

The following year he appeared in London, and the success he had already achieved in Germany was repeated in England.

His first tour of America took place in 1908, and American audiences at once endorsed the opinions of Europe.

Few musicians have achieved so fine a reputation at such an early age, and there appears to be little doubt that Elman’s future careers will be as successful as that of his prodigy days.

At first his style of playing naturally showed the influence of his brilliant teacher, but latterly he has developed a style of his own which marks him out as an artist of great individual attainments.

His repertory includes all the great violin concertos and solos.

The violin which Mischa Elman used as a boy was a small Nicolas Amati; latterly, however, he has used a Stradivarius, dated 1727. This instrument is in a fine state of preservation.

Mischa Elman died April 5, 1967.