Alexander Alexandrovich Ilynsky

Alexander Alexandrovich IlynskyAlexander Ilyinsky was born at Tsarkoe Selo, January 24, 1859.

His musical education was received in Berlin, where he first studied pianoforte under Theodore Kullak at the Conservatory and afterwards studied theory with Bargiel at the Konigliche Akademie.

He returned to Russia in 1885 and became a professor at the Music School of the Philharmonic Society at Moscow.

He composed may works in the larger forms, including three suites for orchestra, a symphony, a Symphonic Scherzo, Croatian Dances, music to the Oedipus Rex and Philoctetes of Socrates, an overture to Tolstoy’s Czar Feodor, a symphonic sketch, Psyche, two cantatas, and an opera entitled, The Fountain of Bakchiserai.

His is best known, however, by his charming songs and pianoforte pieces.

The pianoforte music includes the delightful Berceuse, three popular mazourkas, La Princesse Enchantee Reverie and a Romance.

Owing to the influence of his German training, and perhaps a little to the influence of Tchaikovsky, Ilyinsky is less characteristically Russian than many of his contemporaries. Nevertheless, his music has much of the charm and piquancy not untouched with sadness peculiar to the music of the Slavic races.

Alexander Ilyinsky died in 1920, in Moscow, Russia.