Fritz Kreisler

Fritz KreislerFritz Kreisler was born in Vienna, February 2, 1875.

He first appeared in public when 7 years old.

As a rule students are not admitted to the Vienna Conservatory until 14, but as a concession to his genius he was admitted when 7.

His teachers at Vienna were Hellmesberger and Auber.

He also studied at the Paris Conservatory under Massart (violin) and Delibes (theory).

He won the greatest distinctions at both conservatories, and after a few years’ further study, visited America with Moritz Rosenthal in 1889.

Then for some years he gave up his musical career; he studied medicine in Vienna, art in Paris, and finally passed a stiff army examination and became an officer of Uhlands.

On resuming his violin concert career he made his debut in Berlin with startling success in 1899. Again he came to America, and won even higher praise here than at home.

His London debut in 1901 won a further confirmation of the American verdict, and from that time he advanced steadily in the estimation of all competent musicians.

He rapidly became considered as the foremost of the younger violinists, as he not only possessed unlimited technique, but was also a musician in the broadest sense of the word.

Many of his arrangements, notably that of Dvorak’s Humoreske, are freely used by violinists, though he has done little original composition.

He died January 29, 1962, in New York City, New York.