Emil Liebling April 12 1851 – January 20 1914

Emil Liebling was born in Pless, Germany, April 12, 1851.

After studying with Ehrlic in Berlin in 1866, he came to the United States in 1867, commenced active musical work in Kentucky, and in 1872 became a resident of Chicago, where he was an important and potent factor in musical affairs, being prominently identified with the best musical interests as composer, teacher, and executive artist.

Emil_Liebling_1900A sojourn of two years in Europe from 1874 to 1876 afforded ample opportunity for enjoying the counsel of Kullak and Liszt in piano playing, and Rohde and Dorn, in Berlin, in composition.

Mr. Liebling’s first published work was a song entitled “The Spring is Late”, which appeared in Chicago in 1873.

His principal vocal and instrumental compositions are as follows:

For Piano:

  • Op. 10, Le Meteore, Galop de Concert
  • Op. 11, Gavotte Moderne
  • Op. 12, Florence Valse de Concert
  • Op. 13, Complete Scales
  • Op. 17, Feu Follet Scherzo (Will o’ the Wisp)
  • Op. 18, Albumblatt
  • Op. 19, The Kensington Waltzes
  • Op. 20, First Concert Romance (Dramatique)
  • Op. 21, Second Concert Romance (Poetique)
  • Op. 23, Cradle Song

For Voice:

  • Op. 14, Adieu, Song for Tenor or Soprano
  • Op. 22, Dost Thou Remember, Tenor Song

For Violin and Piano:

  • Op. 23, Cradle Song

In addition to his musical work, Mr. Liebling is an active contributor to the leading musical magazines.