Sergius Mikhailovich Liapounov

Sergius Mikhailovich LiapounovSergius Liapounov was born at Yaroslav, Russia, November 30, 1859.

He gained is early musical education by gong to the classes of the Imperial Musical Society at Nijny Novgorod.

Subsequently he went to the Moscow Conservatory, but left there in 1883, having studied under Klindworth and Hubert.

He was specially appointed by the Geographical Society to collect folk songs in the governments of Vologda, Viatka and Kostroma (1893).

A similar task was also undertaken by Liadov and Balakirev and it is significant, regarding the astonishing development of Russian music during that century, to realize how much the Russian composers are indebted to the folk songs of their country.

Liapounov’s experiences doing this work well fitted him to edit the collection of national songs as he afterwards did.

From 1894 to 1902 he was assistant director of the Imperial Chapel.

His compositions include a symphony, a ballade for orchestra, concerto for piano, and many smaller pianoforte works.

His pianoforte works however, are of considerable difficulty, involving intricate rhythms and complicated fingering. Among them may be mentioned the 12 Etuded d’execution transcendante a Barcarolle, Scherzo, Novelette, Mazurkas, and the Valse Pensive.

Sergius Liapounov died November 8, 1924, in Paris, France.