John Knowles Paine

John Knowles PaineJohn Paine was born January 9, 1839 and died at Portland, Maine, April 15, 1906.

He received his first musical instruction from Herman Kotzschmar, of Portland.

In 1858 he went to the Hochschule fur Musik in Berlin, studying under Haupt, Wieprecht and Teschner.

For a time he gave organ concerts in various German cities, but in 1861 he returned to the United States.

Back in his own country he seen established a fine reputation as an organist and teacher.

John Knowles Paine was appointed Instructor of Music at Harvard University in 1862 and was eventually appointed Assistant Professor of Music in 1873, and full Professor in 1875.

He was the first incumbent of a Chair of Music in any American University. He also served Harvard University as College Organist.

He received the honorary degree of Master of Arts from Harvard in 1869, and that of Doctor of Music from Yale in 1890.

John Paine endeavored all his life to raise the standard of music throughout the country.

Among the more successful of his pupils may be mentioned Foote, Converse, Coerne, Clayton Johns, Surette, Aldrich, Finck and Apthorp.

As a composer he was not a prolific writer, but he wrote in the larger forms in a way which showed him to be a careful and scholarly writer. His chief work, perhaps, was the oratorio St. Peter.