James Hotchkiss Rogers

James Hotchkiss RogersJames Hotchkiss Rogers was born at Fair Haven, Connecticut, February, 1857.

After studying for a while in the United States, in 1875 he went abroad and continued his studies in Berlin.

He was a pupil of Loeschhorn and Ehrlich for pianoforte, Rohde for theory and organ, and Haupt for organ.

In Paris he studied pianoforte with Fissot, organ with Guilmant, and composition with Widor.

In 1880 he returned to the United States, having had five years study abroad.

During the following year James Rogers became organist of the Scovill Avenue Temple and Unity Chruch, Cleveland, Ohio.

His services were in great demand, both as a teacher and as a concert organist, but, nevertheless, he kept a certain amount of time for composition.

He published over 100 compositions. His works include:

  • A Lenten cantata, The Man of Nazareth
  • An Easter cantata, The New Life

And many other compositions both sacred and secular.

James Rogers is one of the few American composers who was fully qualified to write in the modern French style of his time. His song entitled “At Parting” is one of the greatest songs composed by an American writer.

He has also written many technical works, and some octave studies, which he composed.

James Hotchkiss Rogers died in November of 1940.