Robert Morrison Stults

Robert Morrison StultsRobert Morrison Stults was born at Hightstown, New Jersey, in 1862.

He moved to Long Branch, New Jersey in 1872.

He received his early musical education from various local teachers.

After graduating at the Long Branch High School in 1880, he became musical instructor at that institution, at the same time continuing his musical study under Frederick Brandeis, the distinguished composer and pianist.

Robert Stults move to Baltimore in 1886, and entered the music and piano business.

He studied the organ under various teachers in Baltimore, where he remained until 1898.

For several years he was actively engaged as head of the retail department of a well-known Philadelphia piano house.

He is best known by his song, The Sweetest Story Ever Told, which had an enormous sale.

He is a prolific writer of ballads, songs and instrumental pieces in the better grade of popular pieces. Among the best known of his works may be mentioned the popular piano pieces:

  • A Bit of Nonsense
  • Clover Bloom

His songs include:

  • Once in the Bygone Days
  • Redemption
  • Sing Me Some Quaint Old Ballad

He also produced two light operas.

He died in 1933.