Theodore Spiering

Theodore Spiering was born at St. Louis, Missouri in 1871, and showed aptitude for the violin at an early age.

Theodore Spiering’s first teacher was his father, but in 1886 he was sent to Henry Schradieck in Cincinnati, Ohio. He remained there until 1888, when he went to Berlin and studied at the Royal High School under Dr. Joachim.

He had considerable experience in concert work while in Germany, but in 1892, armed with a letter of recommendation from Dr. Joachim, he returned to America, and became a member of the Thomas Orchestra in Chicago.

While in Chicago he founded the Spiering String Quartet, which made prolonged tours through the United States and Canada.

In 1898 Spiering became instructor of the violin in the Chicago Conservatory, at the time Godowski was head of the piano department.

The following year, however, he became director the Spiering Violin School, giving this up in 1902 to become head of the violin instructors at the Chicago Musical College, and also one of the musical directors.

Spiering made frequent journeys over to Europe, and for a time settled in Berlin as a violin teacher.

His work won a considerable reputation for him in London.

He was concertmeister of the Philharmonic Orchestra in New York.

As a teacher no less than as a virtuoso, Theodore Spiering won a very good reputation, his teaching studies and methods having all been highly endorsed by both Fritz Kreisler and Henri Marteau.