Ward Stephens

Ward StephensWard Stephens was born in New York, September 9, 1872.

In his youth he studied with the noted pianist, W. H. Sherwood.

Later he went to Europe, where he became the pupil, by turns, of several very eminent teachers, in many cases studying individual works with the composers themselves. In this way he not only extended a valuable list of personal acquaintance, but got into touch with the best musical thought of the age, at first hand.

He made his debut as a pianist in Paris in 1896, and as an organist the following year, securing most gratifying recognition from leading critics.

After an extended concert tour in European countries, and three extended tours in America, he settled again in New York, devoting himself to composition, conducting and teaching.

He was an organist at the First Church (Christian Science), New York City.

As a composer he ranks very high, and particularly as a song writer.

He died in 1940.