Wassili Sapellnikoff

Wassili SapellnikoffWassili Sapellnikoff was born at Odessa, Russia, November 2, 1868.

He showed considerable musical talent as a child, and on the advice of Anton Rubinstein was sent to the Conservatory of music at Moscow.

Here he became a pupil of Sophie Menter, Kessler and Brassin.

He became a professor of the pianoforte at the Conservatory in 1897, having made his debut as a concert pianist at Hamburg in 1888.

He resigned this position after a few years in order to take up his residence in Germany, living for a time at Leipzig, and afterwards at Munich.

He won a considerable amount of popularity in England as well as in Germany.

He is well-known to American music lovers by his many compositions for the piano.

Some of the best known of these are:

  • Danse des Elfes
  • Gavotte
  • Petite Mazurka
  • Second Gavotte
  • Lily of the Valley
  • Berceuse
  • Polka Caprice

These works are for the most part very melodious and within the range of the ability of a fairly good pianist.

As a pianist Sapellnikoff won great favor.

His earlier playing was characterized by a lack of restraint which won him popularity with the many rather than with the few who discriminate.

In later years, however, he adopted a more musical style with great advantage to his reputation.

Wassili Sapellnikoff died March 17, 1941.