Francesco Paolo Tosti

Francesco Paolo TostiPaolo Tosti was born April 9, 1846, at Ortona sure mare, Italy, and he died December 2, 1916, in Rome, Italy.

He studied music in Naples at the Royal School of St. Pietro a Majella under Pinto (violin), Conti and the aged Mercadante (composition).

He made such rapid progress that he was made a pupil teacher at the munificent salary of 60 lire ($12) a month.

He remained there until his health broke down and he was forced to return to Ortona.

During his illness he wrote songs, but found great difficulty in securing a publisher for them.

Upon his recovery he went to Rome, where he met with the sympathy and encouragement of Sgambati. Through the aid of his new friend Tosti became teacher of singing to the Queen of Italy, and shortly afterwards became curator of the Musical Archives of the Italian Court.

He first visited London in 1875, and in 1880 was appointed teacher of singing to the Royal Family of England.

In 1908 he was knighted in England.

He wrote many beautiful songs which became very popular, a few of the best known being:

  • Good-bye Beauty’s Eyes
  • Forever and Forever
  • Mattinata
  • Venetian Song
  • Could I

The last named is said to have been a great favorite of Queen Victoria.