Thomas Tapper

Thomas TapperThomas Tapper was born at Canton, Massachusetts, January 28, 1864.

He studied at the American College of Musicians, and later spent some time in Europe, where he studied music with leading authorisities.

In 1895 he married Bertha Feiring Maas, the well-known Norwegian pianist.

Mr. Tapper has been very successful as a lecturer and writer upon musical subjects, more especially devoting himself to musical education.

He is lecturer and instructor at the Institute of Musical Art in New York, and also Principal of the Music Department of the University of New York.

He was editor of The Musical Record and Review, 1903-04, and of The Musician, 1904-07, and editor of the Extension Bulletin (school music) of New York, and a special writer for the New York Evening Journal.

He was also a member of the editorial staff of the American Book Company.

Many of his books upon musical subjects have proved very popular, the following being perhaps the best known:

  • First Studies in Musical Biography
  • Chats with Music Students
  • Music Talks with Children
  • Pictures from the Lives of Great Composers

Mr. Tapper received the degree Litt. D. from Bates College in 1911 in recognition of his services to the educational world.

Mr. Tapper was a frequent contributor to The Etude Magazine.

Dr. Tapper died at the age of 94 in the White Plains Hospital, White Plains, New York on February 24, 1958.