Siegfried Wagner

Siegfried WagnerSiegfried Wagner, the son of Richard and Cosima Wagner, and grandson of Liszt, was born at Triebsche, June 6, 1869.

It was originally intended that he should be an architect, and until his twenty first year his education was directed to that end, but no man with such ancestors as Siegfried Wagner possesses could be expected to be satisfied with the coldly intellectual pleasures of architecture, and it was inevitable that he should become a musician.

His education in music was placed in the able hands of Kniese and Humperdinck, and he made his debut as a conductor August 5, 1893.

He was an exceedingly able musician, and composed a symphonic poem entitled Sehnsecht, and the operas, Der Barenhauter, 1899; Herzog Wildfang, 1901, and Der Kobold, 1904, etc.

His works have been performed with success in Germany, England, and America.

Seigfried Wagner conducted the Bayreuth festivals with success.

It is a little difficult for a man to be the son of a genius, and it cannot be said that Siegfried Wagner bears the mantle of his illustrious father, but nevertheless, he was a musician whose abilities won him the respect of all those whose musical opinion is of value.

Siegfried Wagner died August 4, 1930, in Bayreuth, Germany.