Carl Christian Agthe

Carl Agthe was born at Hettsstadt, 1762 and died at Ballenstedt, Nov. 27, 1797.

He was an organist, composer of six operas, three pianoforte sonatas (Leipzig, 1790), and a collection of Lieder (Dessan, 1782).

His son, W J Albrecht, born at Ballenstedt, April 14, 1790, in 1810 settled at Leipzig, and 1823 at Dresden as a teacher of Logier’s system, under the approval of C. M. von Weber, and in 1826 founded a similar establishment at Posen.

From 1832 to 1845 he directed a musical institution of his own at Berlin, where he died, Oct 8, 1873. Kullak was his best known pupil.