Carl Koelling

Carl-KoellingCarl Koelling was born in Hamburg, Germany, in 1831, of a musical family. He was a pupil of the celebrated pedagogue J. Schmitt. He settled in Chicago in 1878 as a teacher of pianoforte. He has been a prolific composer all his life, and now at the ripe age of eighty he is still in harness and in the active practice of his profession. Many of his compositions have met with great favor. His teaching pieces, in particular, are widely used and enjoyed.

Her Koelling’s waltz, “Finesse” is an excellent example of his best manner. It is a spirited and brilliant dance movement well within the capabilities of a pupil of intermediate grade, firm and direct in rhythm and lying well under the hands. There is much variety and thematic materials, and strong constrasts in expression will be required. This waltz may be taken at a brisk pace.