Carl Wilhelm Kern

Carl-Wilhelm-KernMr. Carl Wilhelm Kern was born in 1874, at Schlitz, Hessen Darmstadt, Germany, and came to this country when nineteen years old. He received his early education at the Gymnasium at Laubach, later at the Colleges of Alzey and Mayence, under the tutorship of Adam Coy, Paul Schumacher and Friedrich Lux. The foundation of his theoretical knowledge, however, was imparted by his father, Carl August Kern, an organist and educator of note. Mr. Kern has held positions as teacher of music in various parts of the country, and is now settled in St. Louis, where he is busily engaged in conservatory and editorial work, devoting much time to composition. In this latter branch he has been very successful.

Although Mr. Kern has made a specialty of teaching pieces of all grades for the pianoforte, he has also written in the larger and more serious forms. His easier pieces are particularly enjoyed by students. His “Oriental Dance” will undoubtedly prove popular. Although very easy to play, it contains much characteristic coloring, melodic and harmonic. The fifths in the left hand and the changes of tonality are particularly quaint and striking. In playing this number, note the changes of pace indicated by the composer’s metronome markings. Accent firmly throughout and play the grace notes very crisply.