Clement Philibert Leo Delibes

Clement Philibert Leo Delibes was born in St. Germain-de-Val (Sarthe), France February 21, 1836.

He studied in Paris under Le Couppey, Benoist, Bazin, and Adolphe Adam. From an early period he devoted himself almost exclusively to dramatic compositions, and for these his is best known. In 1865 he obtained an appointment at the Grand Opera, which opened for him a new field. Having been asked in 1866 to aid the Russian musician MInkous in writing a ballet, he exhibited peculiar ability for the work, and he was commissioned to set an entire ballet on the foundation of the comedy “Coppelia”. This is considered the most fascinating of all his productions, and by it his reputation was fully established. In 1872, leaving for the time ballet music, he published a series of charming melodies. Later he wrote a grand scena, “La Mort d’Prphee” and two dramatic works. In these, however, his success was only partial. Delibes was always at his best in lighter vein. IN 1881, he succeeded Reber as professor of advanced composition at the Paris Conservatoire.

He died in Paris, January 16, 1891.