Edgar Stillman Kelley

Edgar Stillman Kelley was born in Sparta, Wis., April 14, 1857.

He began the study of music with his mother, and later became the pupil of F. W. Merriam, Clarence Eddy, and Ledochowski in Chicago.

In 1876 he went to Stuttgart, Germany, and for four years studied under Seifriz, Kruger, Speidel, and Finck.

Returning to America, he settled in San Francisco, where later he became musical critic of the “Examiner”.

In 1896 he removed to New York, where he taught in the College of Music and lectured for the university extension.

In 1901-02 he was an instructor in music at Yale. His music to “Macbeth” (1885) gave him at once high rank among creative musicians.

He wrote much music in the Chinese tone, some even in the limited Chinese scale, and his Chinese orchestral suite “Aladdin” was a popular number in the concerts of Anton Seidl, and of the Manuscript Society.

His comic opera “Puritania” (1892) was performed more than 100 times. Music to “Prometheus Bound” and incidental music for “Ben Hur” brought him much credit, and he has also written many good songs.