Evaristo Felice Dall Abaco

Evaristo Felice Dall Abaco was born at Verona, July 12, 1675, a famous violinist and composer.

After some years’ sojourn in Modena, from 1696 to about 1701, he went to Munich, and entered the band of the Elector Max Emanuel as Kammermusiker, in April 1704. After the disaster of Hochstadt he accompanied the Court to Brussels, and on the restoration of the government in 1715 was appointed Concert-meister.

His published works are as follows: -Op 1, 12 Sonate da Camera, for violin and violoncello with accompaniment; Op 2, 12 Concerti a quattra da Chiesa; Op 3, 12 Sonate da Chiesa a tre; Op 4, 12 Sonate da Camera a violino e violoncello; Op 5 and 6, Concerti a piu Instrumenti (sic), A selection of twenty compositions from opp. 1-4, edited by Adolf Sandberger, forms the first volume of Denkmaler Deutscher Tonkunst (zweite Folge, Denkmaler der Tonkunst in Bayera) (1900).

The memoir prefixed to this volume gives a detailed account of Dall’ Abaco’s career; he died July 12, 1742.