Felicien Cesar David

Felecian_Cesar_DavidDavid was born at Dadenet, France, April 13, 1810, and died near Paris, August 28, 1876.

He composed hymns, notets, etc., when a child. His early education was received at Aix, where he also commenced his musical
career, but in 1830 he went to Paris. Here he was received kindly by Cherubini, and studied harmony under Millot at the Conservatory, at the same time receiving harmony lesson from Reber.

He studied counterpoint and fugue with Fetis.

In 1835 he vecame assoicated with the St. Simoniens, and lived for a while in the kind of convent of the brotherhood, presiding over the music. when the brotherhood was dissolved in 1831, David went to Marseilles with some co-religionists, where his music was well liked.

Subsequently he went to the Hold Land and Egypt, but returned to Paris in 1835. He was not well received, however, and retired to Igny for several years, devoting himself to composition. In consequence of some of his songs becoming popular he went to Paris in 1841.

His chief work, an “ode-symphony” entitled “Le Desert, was produced at this time. Several large works followed, but none very successful until an opera comique, the Perle du Bresil (1851), made a hit.

Other operas followed with varying success. David succeeded to Berlioz’ chair in the Academie, and for the last seven years of his
life was librarian to the French Conservatoire.