Felix Alexandre Guilmant

Felix Alexandre Guilmant was born in Boulogne, France, March 12, 1837.

His father was an organist of the Church of St. Nicholas and from him the son received his first musical instruction. Later, he was taught by Gustave Carulli, and in 1860 by Lemmens. Before this time, however, and before he had completed his musical studies, he was appointed organist of the Church of St. Joseph, and maitre de chapelle of the St. Nicholas Church. Later, he was elected professor of solfege in the Ecole Connunale, director of the Boulogne Societe Orpheonique, and a member of the Societe Philharmonique. In 1871 he removed to Paris, and took the position of organist of the Church of La Trinite. His compositions includes masses for organ and orchestra, sonatas, symphonies, and motets. His reputation rest largely, however, upon his brilliant playing. He made several tours in England, Italy, Russia, and America, always with complete success.