Frederick N Shackley

Frederick-N-ShackleyFrederick Newell Shackley was born at Laconia, New Hampshire in 1868 and was descended from early New Englnad settlers.

His boyhood was spent at Lewiston, Maine, where he began the study of music at the age of twelve.

His teachers have been E.W. Hanscom, Homer Norris, G.W. Chadwick, W.A. Locke and S.B. Whitney, all accomplished American musicians.

Mr. Shackley has been organist of various churches, but has been for the last fourteen years at the Church of the Ascension, Boston, Mass.

He has published about one hundred and ten compositions, and is actively engaged in teaching and composition.

Although the larger portion of Mr. Shackely’s compositions have been in the department of church music, he has written some very successful piano pieces and songs. His “Twilight Song” is a very pretty piano piece of the “song without words” or “reverie” type. It may be taken up advantageously by an advanced second grade or early third grade pupil. The principle theme introduces the device of two voices in the same hand, the lower voice carrying the melody. This must be well brought out. It is a very neat and taking effect.