Friedrich von Flotow

Friedrich von Flotow was born in Teutendorf (Mecklenburg), Germany, April 26, 1812.

He studied composition under Reicha, at the Paris Conservatoire, but returned to Mecklenburg when the Revolution of July, 1830, broke out.

Later he went again to Paris and succeeded in having his earlier dramatic efforts produced in some of the minor theaters.

It was not, however, till 1830, when “Le Naufrage de la Meduse” was brought out, that he achieved permanent success. This, though once a very popular opera, has not the fine musical qualities of “Allesandro Stradella” (1837) and “Martha” (1847), the two compositions by which he is now best known.

Among his other works are:

  • “L’Esclave de Camoens” (1843)
  • “Indra” (1853), “L’Ombre” (1869)
  • and overtures
  • chamber music
  • songs

His operas which are Italian in character, are distinguished for graceful and pleasing instrumentation, and for their lively, versatile invention.

He died in Darmstadt, January 24, 1883