George Benjamin Allen

George Benjamin Allen was born in 1822 and died in 1897.

English composer and vocalist

Born in London

he was organist and chorister at several different churches and cathedrals, finally going as organist to Melbourne, Australia, where he was also conductor of Lyster’s Opera Company.

He later organized in Opera Company of his own, with which he traveled through Australia, New Zealand and India with great success. Our returning to England, he established a comedy opera company, which produce several of Sullivan’s operas.

Allen, himself, wrote five operas, three of which, The Viking, Castle Grimm and The Wicklow Rose were performed.

He also compose cantatas, many anthems and a great number of songs, some of which are very popular, as The Bridge, The Arrow and the, and Beware.

He Sent Many of Longfellow’s Poems to Music. He wrote in all about 300 Songs.