Gottlob Bachmann

Gottlob Bachmann was born in Bornitz (Saxony), Germany, March 26, 1763

He studied under Frech at Zeitz, paying especial attention to pianoforte music and harmony. Later, in 1785, he studied counterpoint in Leipzig, and in 1790 removed to Dresden, where he was a pupil of Naumann. In 1791 he was appointed organist at Zeitz. His compositions include operatic works – for example, “Don Silvio de Rosaiva” and “Orpheus and Eurydice”; also many songs and instrumental pieces, among the latter being quintets for the pianoforte, flute, violin, viola, and violoncello; trios, quartets, and orchestral music.

He died in Zeitz, April 10, 1840