Gregor Aichinger

Gregor Aichinger was born about 1565; took holy orders, and in 1584 entered the service of Freiherr Jacob Fugger at Augsburg as organist.

In 1599 he paid a visit of two years to Rome to perfect himself in music.

He died Jan. 21, 1628.

In the preface to his ‘Sacrae Cantiones’ (Venice, 1590), he praises the music of Gabrieli; and his works, both in this collection and in that of 1603, also betray the influence of the Venetian school. They are among the best German music of that time, bearing marks of real genius; and are superior to those of his contemporary, the learned Gailus, or Handl.

Amongst the most remarkable are a ‘Ubi est frater’, and ‘Assumpta est Maria’, both for three voices; and ‘Adoramus’ for four; and an ‘Intonuit de coelo’ for six voices, the last printed in the Florilegium Portense. A Litany, a Stabat Mater, and various motets of his are printed in Proske’s ‘Musica Divina’, and a motet for six voices in Commer’s ‘Musica Sacra’.