Guido Adler

Guido Adler was a distinguished writer on music, born Nov. 1, 1855, at Eibenschutz in Moravia, was educated at the academical Gymnasium at Vienna, and at the Conservatorium, where he was pupil of Bruckner and Dessoff.

In 1874 he went to the university, and took part with Mottl and K. Wolf in the foundation of an ‘Academische Wagnerverein’; he was appointed as a university teacher of musical science in 1881, and in 1882 was a representative of Austria at the international liturgical congress held at Arezzo.

In 1884 he founded, in association with Chrysander and Spitta, the useful publication called Vierteljahrschrift fur Musikwissenschaft, in 1885 was appointed professor of musical science at Prague, and in 1898 succeeded Hanslick in a similar professorship at Vienna.

He had edited the compositions of Ferdinand III., Leopold I., and Joseph I., and since 1894 has been editor in chief of the series of Denkmaler der Tonkunst in Oesterreich; his capital edition of Froberger, in two vols., appeared in 1903, and various musical treatises are enumerated by Riemann, from whose lexicon the above particulars are taken.