Harold Bauer

harold bauerHarold Bauer, who has won such distinction as a pianist, was originally intended to be a violinist.

His father was a German violinist and his mother an English woman.

Harold Bauer was born in London, April 28, 1873, and early took up the study of the violin under the direction of his father and Adolf Pollitzer. He made his debut as a violinist in London in 1883, and for nine years toured England.

In 1892, however, he went to Paris and studied the pianoforte under Paderewski for a year, though still maintaining his interest in the violin. During 1893-94 he traveled all through Russia, giving piano recitals and concerts, after which he returned to Paris. Further recitals in the French capital brought him renown, and he almost immediately received engagements in France, Germany and Spain.

His reputation was rapidly enhanced by these performances, and his field of operation extended through Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, England, Scandinavia and the United States.

He has made many friends in this country and abroad by reason of his beautiful playing.

Bauer is said to have wonderful technical ability and a remarkable gift for interpretation. He has a fund of musical imagination, and brings to his playing a remarkable capacity for entering into the spirit of the work in hand which proves irresistibly attractive to his audiences.