Johann Joseph Abert

Johann Joseph Abert was born Sept 21, 1832, at Kochwitz in Bohemia, began his musical education as a chorister in the church of Gastdorf.

In his eighth year he was transferred to the Augustine convent at Leipa, and remained there till his fifteenth year, when he ran away to Prague, and through the assistance of an uncle entered the Conservatorium there.

Several of his compositions were performed at the concerts of the school, and in 1852, having attracted the attention of Lindpaintner, then capellmeister at Stuttgart, he received the post of contrabassist in the theatre orchestra of that town. Shortly after this, two symphonies were written. These were followed by a symphonic poem ‘Columbus’ (Crystal Palace, March 4, 1865), and by four operas, ‘Anna von Landskron’ (1859), ‘Konig Enzio’ (1862), ‘Astorga’ (1866), ‘Ekkehard’ (1878), an dDie Almohaden (1890), besides many works of smaller calibre.

On the retirement of Eckert in 1867, Abert succeeded him as capellmeister, retiring in 1888. His ‘Fruhlingssymphonie’ is dated 1894.