Johann Nepomuk Hummel

Johann Nepomuk Hummel was born in Presburg, Hungary, November 14, 1778.

His musical education was conducted by his father, and he also studied for two years with Mozart, under who auspices he made his debut in 1787.

In the following years he made successful tours through Germany, England, Denmark, and Holland. From 1804 to 1811 he was deputy kapellmeister, under Haydn, to Prince Esterhazy. In 1816-19 he held a similar position at Stuttgart; then, going to Weimar, he remained there as kapellmeister till his death.

He made notable professional tours, visiting St. Petersburg (1822); Paris (1825); Belgium and Holland (1826); Vienna (1827); Warsaw (1828); England (1830 and 1833). In all places he appeared with triumphant success.

His compositions, once very popular, are beautiful in a somewhat formal way, and highly ornamented. The comprise dramatic, church, and instrumental music in various styles. He was a great pianist for his time, and some of his compositions have a permanent place among musical works.

He died in Weimar, October 17, 1837.