John George Albrechtsberger

John George Albrechtsberger, one of the most scholarly counterpointists of modern times, was born at Klosterneuburg, near Vienna, Feb 3, 1736.

He was taught accompaniment and composition by the court organist Mann. After being organist in Road and Maria-Taferl, Albrechtsberger became director of the choir of the Carmelites in Vienna, and in 1772 court organist, and member of the Musical Academy; in 1792, chapel master in St. Stephen’s Church.

He died in Vienna, March 7, 1809.

Beethoven and Seyfried were his pupils in counterpoint. His numerous works, of which only twenty seven were published, as well as his “Grundliche Anweisung zur Composition” (Profound Method for Composition), are of sterling value.

His theoretical writings on bass, harmony, and etc., were published by Seyfried of Vienna in 1826.