Johnann Charles Ludwig Abeille

Johnann Charles Ludwig Abeille was born at Bayreuth, Feb 20, 1761, composer, pianist, and organist.Studied at Stuttgart, and in 1782 became a member of the private band of the Duke of Wurtemberg.

On Zumsteeg’s death in 1802 he succeeded him as concert meister, and was shortly afterwards made organist in the court chapel and director of the official music.

In 1832, having completed a period of fifty years; faithful service, he received the royal gold medal and a pension, and died on March 2 of that year, in his seventy-first year.

Abeille’s concertos and trios for the harpsichord were much esteemed, but his vocal compositions were his best works. Amongst them are several collections of songs (e.g. Eight Lieder, Breitkopf and Hartel) which are remarkable for simple natural grace, and a touching vein of melody. Some of these still survive in music schools. His Ash Wednesday hymn for four voices, and his operettas of Amor und Psyche, Peter und Aennchen, were well known in their day, and were published, in pianoforte score, by Breitkopf and Hartel.