Julius Alsleben

Julius Alsleben was born in 1832 and died in 1894.

German writer, teacher, concert pianist and composer.

He was born in Berlin, took the degree of Dr. of Philosophy at the University of Kiel, and then turned his attention wholly to music.

His teachers and piano were Leuchtenberg and Zech, and theory he studied of Siegfried Dehn.

He met with success as a concert pianist and was very successful as a teacher of piano.

In 1865, he became president of the Berlin Tonkunstlerverein, was one of the founders of the Musiklehrerverein, which also he served as president.

In 1872, he was given the title of Prof., from 1874 for a number of years edited the musical paper Harmonie, and published Zwolf Vorlesungen uber Musikgeschichte, and Licht und Wendepunkte in der Entwickelung der Musik.

His compositions included songs, pieces for the piano, overtures and March for orchestra, and some church music.