Lady Charles Halle (Mme. Norman-Neruda)

Lady_Charles_HalleWilma Neruda was the daughter of Josef Neruda, organist of the cathedral  at Brunn, and was a member of a family famed as violinists.

She was born March 29, 1839, and commenced to play the violin very early in life.

Her first public appearance was made in 1846 at Vienna, where she created much astonishment by her ability. The family then went on tour through Germany.

She appeared in London with great success in 1849, and afterwards went to Russia, where she remained several years.

In 1864 Mme. Neruda appeared in Paris, where she awakened the greatest enthusiasm. It was at this time that she married Ludwig Norman, a Swedish musician, and took the name of Norman0Neruda.

After her marriage  she appeared in London, 1869, and was induced to remain for the winter season.

From that time on she appeared for many years in England during the winters. Her marriage with Sir Charles halle took place in 1888, and  she appeared in concerts with him until his death in 1896.

Her eldest son was killed in an Alpine accident in 1898, and since then she has resided in Berlin, though she pays annual visits to England, where she is much beloved.

In 1901 Queen Alexandra of England conferred upon her the title of “Violinist to the Queen”, and the Stradivarius upon which she is accustomed to play was the joint gift of the Duke of Edinburgh, Earl Dudley and the Earl of Hardwick.