Martin Joseph Adrien

Martin Joseph Adrien was called Adrien L’Aine, born at Liege, May 26, 1767; a bass singer, taking alternate parts with Cheron at the opera in Paris from 1785 to 1804; afterwards choirmaster at the opera.

In March 1822 he succeeded Laine as professor of declamation at the Ecole Royale de Musique, and died Nov. 19, 1824 a victim to the exaggerated system of declamation then in vogue.

His voice was harsh, and his method of singing bad, but he had merit as an actor.

He composed the ‘Hymne a la Victoire’ on the evacuation of the French territory in 1795, the hymn to the martyrs for liberty, and an ‘Invocation a l’Etre supreme’, 1793.

His brother J Adrien was born at Liege about 1768, and died about 1824; he published five collections of songs (Paris, 1790-1802), and was for a short time choirmaster at the Theatre Feydean.

Another brother, Ferdinand, born 1770, died about 1830, was a teacher of singing in Paris, choirmaster of the opera (1798-1800) and composer of songs.