Ossip Gabrilowitsch


Gabrilowitsch was born in St. Petersburg February 8, 1878.

His father was a lawyer in the city, but his brothers were very musical, and one of them was his first teacher.

ossipgabrilowitsch1Anton Rubinstein was much impressed with his playing, and he was entered in the St. Petersburg Conservatory, which was then directed by Rubinstein.

He was a pupil of Victor Tolstoff, but had many personal conferences with Rubinstein.

From St. Petersburg he went to Vienna, where he was a pupil of Lcschetizky for two years. He has been very successful as a concert pianist, especially in America. He has visited this country in, 1900, 1901, 1902, 1903 and every year since 1906.

In 1909 he married Clara Clemens, the daughter of Samuel Clemens — “Mark Twain” — whom he met while a student in Vienna.

As a composer Gabrilowitsch has not produced many works in the larger forms; he has, however, written several pieces for the piano.

His playing is remarkable for its beautiful tonal effects. He possesses an excellent sense of rhythmic values, and this makes his phrasing delightful to listen to. He is one of the distinguished coterie of Leschetizky pupils whose acknowledged leader is Paderewski. This group of pianists includes Bloomfield-Zeisler, Essipoff, Goodson, Hambourg and Slivinski.