Pamphile Leopold Francois Aimon

Pamphile Leopold Francois Aimon was a violoncellist and composer, born at L’Isle, near Avignon, Oct. 4, 1779; conducted the orchestra of the theatre in Marseilles when only seventeen, that of the Gymnase Dramatique in Paris 1821, and of the Theatre Francais, on the retirement of Baudron, 1822. Of his seven operas only two were performed, the ‘Jeux Floraux’ (1818), and ‘Michel et Christine’ (1821), the last with great success. A third, ‘Les Sybarites’, was published in 1831. He also composed numerous string quartets, trios, and duos (Paris and Lyons), and was the author of Connaissances preliminaires de L’Harmonie, and other treatises. He died in Paris Feb. 2, 1865.