Sergius Vassilievitch Rachmaninoff

rachmaninoffThe birth of Rachmaninoff took place at Nijni-Novgorod, April 2, 1873.

In 1882 he entered the St. Petersburg Conservatory and studied under Demjanski until 1885, when he prodeeded to Moscow. At the Conservatory in this city he studied under Siloti for pianoforte. Composition he studied under Arenski and Taneieff, and in 1891 he wond the “grand gold medal”. He then distinguished himself as a concert pianist, and spent some time giving recitals, with such success that he was engaged by the London Philharmonic Society as pianist, conductor and composer.

Here again he met with considerable favor. In 1902 he played at the Vienna Symphony concerts, and in 1903 accepted a position as a teacher in the Marien Institute for Girls on Moscow.

During the coming season (1909-10) he is to make his appearance in America. At present, however, he is better known in this country as the composer of the beautiful “Prelude in C sharp minor”, and various other pianoforte compositions. Rachmaninoff is also the composer of a considerable amount of music of a more elaborate nature. His one act opera,
“Aleko”, was produced with success in Moscow in 1893.

He has also composed a considerable amount of orchestral music, including a symphony.