Theodor Kirchner

Theodor Kirchner was born in Neukirchen, Saxony, December 10, 1824

His musical training was conducted at the conservatory in Leipzig, and upon his graduation he became organist at Winterhur, Switzerland. He held this post till 1862, when he went to Zurich as conductor and teacher. In 1873-75 he was director of the Wurzburg conservatory. He passed some years in Leipzig and Dresden, and in 1890 settled in Hamburg.

Kirchner was a disciple of Schumann. His pieces, many of which are extremely popular, are fanciful and brilliant. Occasionally their merit is diminished by too much sentimentality, but their workmanship is always accurate and finished. Among his earlier publications, “Albumblatter” is the most popular. Of his later works, “Nachstuck” is most deserving of attention.